Boho Beige Llama Metoo


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The Metoo Alpaca doll 48 cm is a high-quality cuddly toy made of very soft and cuddly material that will not be able to resist any child. The mascot is perfect as your child’s first doll, because it can be hugged from the first moments of life, meets the EN71 standard and has the European CE mark.

Alpacas are perfect for putting a toddler to sleep, as well as for playing or role plays for an older child.

The alpaca has interesting details for children, such as large eyes and eyelashes, a colorful rainbow and various textures of the material.

Alpacas are friendly and gentle animals, and their charming appearance makes being around them very positive for human well-being. Alpacas love children with reciprocity. In Poland, alpacotherapy is becoming more and more popular, it is known for a long time that being among animals has a positive effect on the health of children.

Metoo dolls are light and handy despite their quite large size. They have a pendant on top of their heads, so it’s easy to grab it with small hands or hang it on the wall as a decoration for a children’s room.

From the very first hug, our alpaca will become your baby’s best friend – especially if it has his name on its belly.

Metoodolls cuddly toys with the child’s name are a unique birthday gift for small and larger children, as well as on the occasion of a baby shower or on the occasion of the birth of a baby. Personalized gifts have been a hit in recent years!

Total length – about 48 cm

Child’s age – 0+

Color – beige, boho style