Fishing “caterpillars”


A great gift for fine mobility!

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The mischievous caterpillars have started playing hide and seek! Find them and catch them with your child using a magic wand with a magnet.

Using the wooden base and the caterpillars, the development of fine motor skills of the child’s hands is achieved.
By adding colorful cards from the kit, the child can learn colors putting the wood caterpillars in their color
“home”. The game is also useful for developing logical thinking and creativity.
All game pieces are made from natural materials and are completely safe for children. The game is saved in one
beautiful packaging for your little ones to enjoy the gift even more!

The set includes:

A wooden base board.
10 colorful caterpillar pieces.
7 colored cards with pattern.
a magical wand with magnetic tip.
Suitable for children aged 3+