Plush Deer with cream flower wreath


Ένα υπέροχο ελαφάκι! Διαλέξτε όνομα και χαρίστε το με αγάπη!


Plush Deer from Melootka in pastel colors and cream flower wreath on head is a sweet cuddly toy for a little girl.

Sweat deer will quickly become a favorite mascot because it is cuddly and easy to hold in the handle of a small child. It has everything that young girls love. A sweet bow, sleeping eyes and nose will make this cuddly girl become your daughter’s best friend.

The forest room for children and pastel accessories is a hit of the season, so the fawn is perfectly suited to a pastel room in a forest atmosphere.

Overall height – about 35 cm.

Material – very soft and cuddly plush, flower wreath on head