Bamboo muslin is suitable for spring and summer!

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Dimensions: 100x120cm (+/-2cm)

Bamboo Hug Diaper Vintage Meadow 100cm x 120 cm

How to give a calm and peaceful sleep to our baby, according to midwives and paediatricians

We wrap the baby, creating a cocoon, so that he feels safe and secure, with the most ideal fabric Bamboo, its soft silky texture and its thermo-regulatory properties (creating a microclimate 2 degrees cooler than the outside environment) relax him and prevent sweating. So, our baby sleeps peacefully and calmly.

-Multiple ways to use the Bamboo diaper.

-To wrap the newborns so that they feel safe and calm for a sweet sleep.

-As a light blanket for the summer (according to its thermo-regulatory properties, the Bamboo fabric on hot days creates a cooler microclimate by 2 degrees less than the outside environment)

-As a shade on the stroller or the Traveller.

-As a sheet in winter. Bamboo fabric is ideal for newborns and premature babies as it protects them from irritation and reduces sweating.

– Fabric for the mother during breastfeeding.

-As a pareo for little girls by tying it around the neck creating a light summer garment that will keep it cooler thanks to the properties of Bamboo.

-Even mothers can protect their backs from the sun while playing with their children in the sea.