PG799903 PLAY&GO. Play mat - bag 2 in 1 Mini. Supergirl - Get rid of the drama of arranging and storing toys once and for all with the help of Play & Go! An amazing combination of play mat and storage bag that will have you wondering why you didn't get it before! Do you feel like you're living a drama every time you have to pick up and store your child's toys? We all know that feeling. Toys scattered all over the house: under the bed, on the floor, in the most unlikely places! Now, Play & Go's 2-in-1 toy mattress-bag comes to solve your problem once and for all! Play & Go is a play mat, on which the child can play and have fun for hours alone or with friends. When the game comes to an end, then, with a simple movement, the Play & Go becomes a bag that holds all the toys that were on the play mat up to that moment! It's so simple and fun, that now the child will be picking up his toys on his own! Play & Go's 2-in-1 play mat - bag is 40cm in diameter and is made from cotton fabric under world-class environmental management standards. Its portable and durable design make it ideal for travel, outings, holidays and visits to friends and family.

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Ρ799903 PLAY&GO. Play mat – 2 in 1 Mini bag. Supergirl


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